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My Site Is As Exciting As An Old Dog...

You may or may not have noticed our focus on web site maintenance. We feel that most companies easily give up on their work horses. Unless your web site was ill conceived (poorly planned, inadequate web server, completely void of naming conventions and file structure), odds are all your site needs is a little house cleaning, fresh content and exciting new tools.

The effect of regular web site maintenance: Have you ever seen one of the home improvement shows like trading spaces or flip this house? Some episodes produce truly amazing results. The contrast between the before and after is dramatic. Your company can experience this same revitalization without starting from the foundation.

Rebranding, new color choices, new stock photos and new interactive tools are ways to reinvent your web site. By adding customer reviews or product ratings you can drastically increase the number of visits you receive due to search engines indexing more relevant information about a product or service your company offers.

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If your company does not yet have a web site, or you're looking to do a complete overhaul, we can handle that as well. Over the years, we've developed several web sites from the ground up. This has lead us to develop our own extremely efficient and rapid development framework.

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My Site Is As Exciting As An Old Dog...
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