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About Us

First and foremost, Syosoft is an Internet development company. We believe clients should get what they pay for, have their concerns listened to, and end up with a product that makes their business run more efficiently. Secondly, we believe we should act as a consulting service for our clients. Working in the industry and keeping a close eye on changes, trends, and fads, enables us to take an idea, put a spin on it, and in most cases present the client with projected changes that enhance their original proposal.

We are a small firm and believe it's an advantage. Too often, we hear about projects that go completely wrong - and what's worse, the client paid heaps of money to a large development firm for something they don't want. Odds are, something was lost in translation - the project manager sets up a meeting with the client, takes notes on things they may not fully understand, the project manager then meets with the design and development teams and attempts to convey the clients needs.

That scenario doesn't happen here. When you meet with the project manager, you're meeting with one of the developers. This is a key point. Developers, unlike some project managers, are more likely to ask clients follow up questions to make sure they fully understand the point and purpose of a specific aspect of the application (or web site).

Our Values

  • Dedication.
  • Flexibility.
  • We think outside the box.
  • Timeliness.


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